The details of the recruitment process for this post is amusing and also concerning. First as per the official figures, for 70 posts in Salem district 13000 candidates were called for the interviews that would be conducted over a week’s time. Each day around 1,300 candidates will sit for their interviews, and 17 panels of officials will conduct different tests of these candidates, reported The New Indian Express

It is hard to comprehend how of the officials will successfully conduct proper interviews of so many candidates. Each candidate will barely get a couple of minutes so convince interviewers why he/she is eligible for the post.

Apart from this, the academic qualification for this position was class 8, but many applicants were graduates and post graduates. This shows that the government jobs are still very much in demand but at the same time, the government should take steps to create more qualification specific jobs and also conduct the selection procedure within a specific time to ensure that positions are filled sooner and candidates do not need to wait indefinitely for the process. 

During the interview, the candidates were asked to demonstrate their cow grazing ability, how to feed it and also tie the animal to a pole. Also, they were asked about their ability to ride a bicycle; the daily quoted two candidates - an MBA holder and a Master in arts as saying. Few of the candidates reportedly stated that since government jobs have become a rarity they consider is a necessity to sit in any selection process irrespective of the cadre.