The India-Pakistan match was one of the most electrifying events in recent times. The players were at their aggressive best, and so were the fans. But an after-match incident probably left a bad taste in the Indian team’s mouths.

While the Indian team was heading back to the dressing room after losing the ICC Champions Trophy final to Pakistan by 180 runs, a Pakistani fan started hurling catcalls at the Indian players.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravichandran Ashwin and captain Virat Kohli walked on paying no attention to the fan.

However, Mohammad Shami, who did not make it to the playing eleven in any matches of the Champions Trophy, was enraged when the fan screamed at his face, “Baap kaun hai (Who’s your daddy)?”

Shami turned back and menacingly approached the fan. Dinesh Karthik tried to pull him away but failed. One of the stewards came between the pacer and the fan.

Finally, MS Dhoni had to step in and pulled Shami away to the dressing room while he was still seething in anger.