Dr Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter to question Virat’s move on skipping the upcoming Test series against Afghanistan in June. 


As Virat Kohli gears up for his first English County Cricket appearance, he is already facing criticism from none other than the member of parliament and acclaimed author Dr Shashi Tharoor. Virat will be skipping the Test series against Afghanistan this June. This will be Afghanistan’s first international test match, which will be a highlight in International cricket and will go down in history. 


Tharoor tweeted on the 10th of May saying, “So BCCI makes its priorities clear: @iamVkohli  can put IPL ahead of county cricket ahead of leading India in a Test match. Woah! @Ram_Guha.”



Virat will be skipping the test against Afghanistan, but will be back for the Limited series against Ireland and  England. 


To this,  Amitabh Choudhary, acting- secretary of BCCI responded to the Tweet made by Shashi Tharoor with this Tweet coming out in support of Virat Kohli.   

“There was no intention of not to play. It was only because the English challenge is something we have to rise to, to the satisfaction of the entire cricket fraternity of this country, that Virat will abstain for the right reasons. We are giving equal importance to the Test match against Afghanistan just like we gave to the Test series that took place in June 1932. Kohli is an effective active player, and the absence of the home team’s skipper to favour county cricket is not an act of disrespect to the opposition. Any act has to be judged by the intention which precedes it.”


Virat is keen on playing this season of the County tournament as this will lead up to next year’s World Cup that is to help in England as this will orient him to the problematic pitch conditions he will be facing at the World Cup.