IPL 2018: Playoffs qualification scenarios for Royal Challengers Bangalore

IPL 2018: Playoffs qualification scenarios for Royal Challengers Bangalore

IPL 2018, though, has been much more disappointing for the RCB fans so far. They have given away victories where they dominated for almost 2/3rd of the match. But we all know that there is one thing that Virat Kohli won't do: give up.



It is that time of the year when the IPL table starts taking definitive shape. 44 matches have been played so far, taking Kolkata Knight Rider’s win against Kings XI Punjab on Saturday (May 12) into consideration, and at the end of it, we have the Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Daredevils at the two ends of the table and as many as four teams or possibly five teams in the mix for a top-four finish in the group stage.

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Currently placed at 7th with 8 points is the team that has produced many prolific performances and dreadful disdains over the course of 11 seasons of their IPL career - Royal Challengers Bangalore. The fact that RCB has been runners-up three times and haven't even managed to qualify five times, tells us a lot about their consistency, or the lack of it.


RCB now will have to rely on results from other matches to see if they finish in the top 4. 


Scenario 1: KXIP and KKR to lose all their matches. Kings XI Punjab has three games left against RCB, MI and CSK, and will have to lose all these games. Mumbai should also have to pray that KKR loses their remaining matches against the Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), which will eliminate both the teams as they will have 12 points after 14 games. In this case, two spots in the top four will open up, and RCB can even finish in the third position with the best net run-rate, and either of RR or MI will also qualify with 14 points depending on the result of their game.


Scenario 2: RCB wins all three matches, in this way, they will have 16 points. This would be sure shot qualification for RCB


Scenario 3: RCB wins 5 out of 6 matches. This scenario is pretty realistic looking at RCB's performance in the 2016 season also. So yes, in this case also, qualification would be possible.  So now, looking at the table at this point. It is cleared that CSK and SRH got their place cemented in the qualifier. The main race is between KKR , KXIP, RCB and RR. We are assuming both DD and MI will lose at least one of its fixtures. RCB can take the place of KXIP in the table as they still have to play against them.


Let's hope for the best. Expect fireworks on the ground - no matter RCB qualifies or not. Indian captain will give a hard time to other teams for sure.