Techies have decided to prove they can use not only a laptop but also wield spades. The eco-friendly Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram is venturing into farming inside its campus. 

The technology park has allotted 10 cents of land inside the campus for the techies to try vegetable cultivation. Prakruthi, a group to promote a green and healthy lifestyle, will cultivate common vegetables like beans, ladies finger, snake gourd, etc. in the area with the aim to foster farming among techies. 

The park, which is known as the greenest campus in the country, allotted the land for techies and women, engaged in car washing inside the campus, who are interested in vegetable cultivation. 

The techie group is already cultivating vegetables in the land allotted by Indian Medical Association at Anayara. They also have the support of officials at coconut nursery at Kazhakkoottam. The products from Anayara farm are a great hit as they are purely organic. 
The land is allotted near waste treatment plant, on the campus, with the aim to use the manure from the plant for farming. 

"Several persons working at Technopark have visited the farm in Anayara. Some come with their family to show vegetable farming to their children. Techies can make use of the farm inside the campus as a stress buster," a volunteer of Prakruthi said. 

Techies have tilled and added potting mixture to prepare the land for farming activities. As many as 15 members of Prakruti will take care of cultivation. They plan to start farming activities on Wednesday.

A few months ago, Technopark had started banana cultivation on its campus.