A man wearing a white check lungi (kalli mundu) was denied entry into the visitors' gallery in the Kerala assembly on the ground it was an 'informal' dress, following which the state Human Rights Commission has sought a clarification from the officials.


Kunjimoyin from Kondotty in Malappuram, who had come with a group of 38 persons to witness the assembly proceedings was denied permission as he was wearing the white lungi.


An upset Kunjimoyin filed a complaint before the Kerala Human Rights Commission stating that he was not prevented entry either at the gate or at the entrance of the assembly building.


But he was not allowed to enter the visitor's gallery. Commission has sought a clarification from legislative Secretary V K Babu Prakash on whether there was a dress code in the assembly.


Meanwhile, the Assembly Speaker's office said that 'informal dressing is not allowed inside the house and gallery.  That is the usual practice. A decorum has to be followed. The 'Kalli mundu' is an informal dress and so the person was not allowed', an official said.

"We are adhering to the procedures followed by Parliament on dressing. The only exception is given to religious symbols," he said.


The complainant has said it was the custom of Malabar to wear white shirt and kalli mundu during auspicious occasions and sought amendment of rules if there were rules against visiting the house wearing 'kalli mundu'.