Bengaluru city police launched the Pink Hoysalas to patrol the streets for the safety of women and children. Each patrol vehicle has at least one woman member thereby instilling confidence in the women police force as well.

There are 272 Pink Hoysala vehicles patrolling areas having a high number of schools and colleges and close to residential areas. The patrol cars get a notification of danger from the ‘Suraksha’ app launched for women in distress.

The Pink Hoysalas are seen as not merely helping women in the city, but empowering female police personnel too. These staffers now conduct inquiries, question suspects and carry out investigations.

In a recent incident, Pink Hoysala 244 of Basavangudi came to the rescue of a woman initially thought to have been attacked with acid. It was later found that the substance was gum.

A senior police officer has said that the service will be expanded soon.