It takes a lot to flee your homeland at the time of war. You leave your relatives, friends, and most of all home. The ultimate goal is to save your dignity and life. This was what Seema had thought too when she had fled to Iran with her family to escape the Taliban. 

It was a turning point in her life. She decided to take things in her own hand and encourage the women of her land to do the same. Rape, molestation, violence have been a norm in Afghanistan for years under the Taliban regiment. The impositions on women, especially, test the patience and the integrity of the people there.

"Wushu gives my students the self-respect and the self-confidence in hostile environments," says Seema. Seema does not set standards just like that. She has herself won many international martial arts championships and has already a set high benchmark among the women in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to sing, study, go out and listen to music. Things have been tough for the women here, but the women here are tougher than the circumstances. After all, they have a Wushu guardian in 20-year old Seema Azimi!


(Pic courtesy: The Rejected Princess)