The video starts with a mechanical thunder and a general perception will make you think that a man is riding a bike. But, you would know how wrong you are when the image appears on screen. Flowing hair underneath the helmet and  womanly silhouette zooming through the streets with an attitude will tell you that the person controlling the bike is a woman. And guess what? These women are from UAE where women are not even allowed to drive a car!

But they have let their hair down and are chasing their dreams...literally! For instance, Dana Adam from Yemen got her license without telling anyone back home. "If they come to know of it, they will ask me to leave the bike, which is not acceptable by me." She gives a reassuring nod and says, "Inshahallah! they will never find out!"

Sara Momtaz, a British-Iranian expat, is another case in point. Her message is very clear too when she says that it is important for women to chase their dreams. "Be free and do what you like. We are here to break stereotypes, both about men and women. There is a general belief that men seen with a bike are either drunkards or jobless, we have similar stereotypical ideas about women too. This should not be the case. If you like something, just go for it!"

"When you ride your bike, you are one with the nature...You get to appreciate what you have," she further says.

Hina Malik, a mother of two from Pakistan admits that had she been in Pakistan, she would not have been allowed to ride a bike. "People are conservative there. I could not have done what I am doing here."

Dana says ,"I would suggest women to get their own bikes. There is nothing that they cannot do...even better than men," she adds.