Every day, from every corner of the country we have news of sexual harassment, rape, molestation and acid attacks on women. The common factor in all of them will be one comment ‘They were asking for it’.


Aranya in her monologue addresses that and much more.



She touches upon misogyny, a mother’s fear for her daughter safety, forgetting Nirbhaya, the sexualising a woman’s body and more such hard-hitting issues girls face on a daily basis.


Before anyone interrupts her for saying that she has been targeting all men, she makes it amply clear – it isn’t. She also gives credit to her family, the men of her family who have given her strength in such times of distress.


Aranya’s monologue does not say something new, but the message is new “We are reaching out for you”.


Watch the brilliant narrative and be prepared for some goosebumps.