According to United Nation’s data, one out of three women goes through physical or sexual violence yet most societies find it difficult to address this issue. In 2012, a UN study was conducted in New Delhi that showed that 92 percent women have experienced verbal sexual harassment. Sexual violence of any form is a reality that everyone wants to deny and refuse to address effectively. 

The victims of such violence are survivors who despite the traumatic experience do not lose faith in humanity and become the inspiration for many. However, the battle of survival is not easy and the society with receding empathy often makes it difficult for victims to move on in their lives. 

Every individual has different sensitivity and every victim has different reactions to such brutality. This has been beautifully depicted by UK-based Indian musician, songwriter and producer, Ishani Chakravarty, in her latest music video titled ‘Don't stop the fight’.

The video shows five women experiencing some form of physically and sexually violence and reacting to it. 

Watch the video here that essentially addresses the need to talk about violence against women.