You may have heard of cases where a woman did not gain the approval of her in-laws or the favour of a prospective groom just because she wore her hair short. Long hair is the crowning symbol of a woman’s beauty.


Any girl/woman who prefers to keep her short is often looked upon with suspicion – labelled as ambitious or tomboyish or flightish. If she wears her hair long then she is the decent, homely type of girl fit to take home to your mother.


What gives us the right to determine the character of woman only because of how she wears her hair or clothes, the way she talks or who she talks with? Why do we still remain blind to what we see and yet remain mute spectators?


Does your hair empower you?


Watch this video titled: Hair, the Pride of a Woman



Stop being spectators. Stand up for what is right. Reach out and be a Pink Samaritan. Join the cause.