Meet Mehrunnisa Shaukat Ali, Hauz Khas Social's female bouncer who keeps everyone safe

pink-samaritan | 19 July 2017 8:40 AM (UTC)
rushali pawar
  • Mehrunnisa Shaukat Ali' job as the bouncer for Delhi's Hauz Khas Social gives her plenty of confidence.
  • She feels strong, independent and responsible as she supports her family with her income.
  • Although her father didn't support her dream, Ali's mother is proud of what her daughter has achieved so far.

Mehrunnisa Shaukat Ali was living a different life until her father lost all his money in trading shares. It was then that she decided to do something and help the family. A few months later, Ali joined the gym, gained muscles and became a female celebrity bodyguard. It is no doubt difficult to take one's eyes off a glamorous celebrity but protecting this A-lister is a buffed up, strong Ali who has accompanied celebrities on red carpet events, escorted them to malls and other public events.

After this, Ali took up a job as a bouncer in Delhi's Hauz Khas Social. Every day, she dons an all black uniform, leaves her house at 7 pm and keeps a watchful eye until 1 am. In her words, her job has redefined her. She draws strength, courage and a lot of confidence from the work she does, a Scroll article reported.

Although Ali earns Rs 15,000 through her job, she pitches in and helps her family financially. For this, her mother is eternally grateful. "My daughter is not cheating or stealing. She is doing the job of a man, my sons don’t even visit us now. I am proud of her," the publication quoted her as saying.

Generally, jobs for bodyguards and bouncers are taken up by men. It is a field that's physically strenuous and includes odd hours. For this reason, Ali's dad was furious when she started working as a bouncer. Her father was furious when he'd watch her leave every evening for work. It took him a while to understand that his daughter isn't doing anything wrong. 

Now, its not just Ali but her sister too, who works as a bouncer. Tarannum accompanies her sister when they have to act as bodyguards for celebrities. According to Scroll, they earn an average of Rs 500 per day. But for these ladies, its much more than money. Ali feels proud to have carved her own identity even though she hails from a conservative household. 

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