In the past few years, a lot has been discussed about how women can save themselves from sexual predators. In the wake of sexual crimes against women, self-defence workshops have cropped up and various defence techniques are taught to women who witness leering, jeering men in most public spaces. However, what can a woman do if she can’t use her superior martial art skills in a crisis situation? She can rely on her alert mind and improvise of course. And that’s what a young woman did at a Delhi metro station recently.

Megha, an engineering student was stalked by a man who followed her until the Golf Course metro station in Noida. When she got off at the station, she sensed something was not quite right and felt her stalker lurking around.

Megha, who was speaking to her father, dropped her voice to almost a whisper and waited for her parents to pick her up at the metro station. She then saw him following her to the car and next thing she knew, she was pushed. However, she didn’t cower or run for her safety. She fought back.

Megha pushed him back, slapped him and screamed for help. Her father witnessed the scene and ran behind the man who attacked his daughter’s dignity. In the student’s words, all of this took place amid a crowd which stood back and gave their two cents after the entire scene unfolded.

The student’s frustration was apparent when she described the scene on her Twitter account. A series of tweets describe how no one helped her out in the situation. However, this brave heart found a way of protecting herself. Her only advice to young women in India? Know that women aren’t really safe anywhere and have to find a way of protecting themselves in almost any situation.