Across the world, gender role is prevalent, and it created hurdles for both the genders to achieve or do various things. It is the gender role that dictates what toys to play with, what colours to wear, what profession to choose and so on and so forth. 

Indian armed forces are also areas marked as a men dominated territories and the number of female officers is still considerably low. It was in 1992, Priya Jhingan became the first women to join India army and the same year, Indian Navy also started inducting female officers as Short Service Commissioned Officers in select branches. Last year, the Indian Air Force inducted 3 female officers as fighter pilots. 

Slowly but gradually the armed forces of India are welcoming women in various positions and encouraging women to dream beyond. In an effort to inspire more and more women to join the Air Force, the publicity cell ‘DISHA’ recently released a video that has gone viral. 

This video advocates gender equality and it inspires women to join the forces. 

Watch the video here: