A preacher from Saudi Arabia has drawn the ire of social media users when he claimed that if women are allowed to drive, they would come home late and drunk. Social media users took offence of the remark and said that the preacher, Abu Zaqm, should be put on trial and should be punished severely for his immoral remark. Although an old video from 2011 where Zaqm is seen addressing young people in Jeddah, the video sparked an outcry when it re-emerged on social media. 

He is heard saying, "If allowed to drive, a woman will come home late while her husbands will be up, just waiting for her. She will be most probably drunk. If the husband asks her to prepare something to eat, she will argue with him and when she eventually does it, she will end up hosting him in their neighbour’s home."

Zaqm also seems to be talking of a certain unknown law in the US and Europe where they are isolating women from men because of increasing number of babies born out of wedlock. He further claimed that the US and the Europe were bound to take this step because of increasing cost of construction of foster homes. To this, one user posted, "Such ridiculous remarks cannot be uttered in the privacy of a home, let alone in public and in front of a crowd."

The resurfaced post is the sign of an impending threat pertaining to the prevalent mindset of the people that Saudi authorities have to embrace.