The embargo on Qatar by the top GCC nations is now even affecting the football fans. How so? Well, if you happen to be in UAE, make sure you are not spotted wearing a Barcelona jersey, consequences include a large fine amount up to 500,000 AED (Rs 97,32,020) and a prison term of 15 years, multiple reports said.

The United Arab Emirates along with Egypt, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar resulting in the closure of air, land and sea borders. Saudi Arabia along with UAE and its other allies have accused Qatar of "backstabbing" its GCC allies.

The political storm now is affecting even the Barca fans. The Qatar Airways is the official sponsor of Barcelona football club,  which means all Barca jerseys come with the branding logo of Qatar Airways.

For a Barcelona fan in UAE it’s a sad time and Barca fans out there must be hating it that it went thus far that UAE authorities declared that social media post supportive to Qatar will be even punished by 3 to 15 years of jail sentence.