The story of a real-life hearo fostering hope 

In the dire times of coronavirus and the subsequent financial crisis, many people have come forward to lend a helping hand to the needy and are restoring the faith in humanity. Jodhpur-based educator, founder of Utkarsh Classes and philanthropist, Nirmal Gehlot has been involved in heroic acts in these difficult times. The nationwide lockdown had forced a large number of migrant laborers and students to suffer without food and other basic essentials. The situation is not very different even after the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Nirmal, a resident of Rajasthan realized their plight and has been feeding the needy people at a daily basis in different parts of Rajasthan.  

He has also donated Rs 21 Lakh to the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to fight the COVID-19 crisis. A cheque of Rs. 21 Lakh was handed over to Dr Prakash Rajpurohit, the Collector of Jodhpur. "We all have a joint responsibility to deal with the global crisis which has hit the humankind. It is our responsibility to ensure that every citizen of the nation remains safe.", Nirmal said.  

The educationist and philanthropist has revolutionized the educational technology in India with the latest innovations. Nirmal and his team at Utkarsh Classes are actively using social media to create awareness among public at large about different aspects of this global epidemic. Founded in 2002, Utkarsh Classes was an offline education system which has now set itself on a new level with the latest advancement of technology. With a smart class facility in 2015, it started online education with smart practice sessions in 2016. Moreover, Utkarsh Classes has got its own mobile app and YouTube channel with more than 3.25 million subscribers. Given the saftey concerns of all the stakeholders and financial crisis, Nirmal has decided to run 250-hour online classes for free due to the closure of coaching classes and colleges. The staff of Utkarsh Group in such times are given paid leaves. However, the online classes for the students are still on. 

On being asked about the reason behind promotion of technology, Nirmal said “In the tough times of COVID-19 crisis, online education is working the best. We are proud that the faculty members at Utkarsh Classes are able to educate children virtually with simplified concepts.” Dr Prakash Rajpurohit, the Collector of Jodhpur was all praises for him and described his collaboration with the government authorities in fighting the pandemic as an inspirational.