The Justice of the bench Alka Sarin realised the importance of living lives on our own, even if a couple wants to stay together they have all the rights.

The High Court bench said, "The society cannot determine how an individual should live her or his life. The Constitution guarantees every individual the right to life. The freedom to choose one's partner is an important facet of the right to life. In the present case, the girl's parents cannot dictate how and with whom she should spend her life since she is adult. Parents cannot compel a child to live life on their terms".

For this recent case, the couple approached the High Court to seek liberty as the SSP did not act to their appeal and the girl's parents threatened the couple.

The HC ordered Fatehgarh Sahib senior superintendent of police (SSP) to take necessary action and permit the couple's protection petition.

The court was told that the girl is 19 and the boy is 20, and they wanted to marry, but the girl's parents didn't accept the relationship and made the girl confined in a room. She then left her home on December 20 to live with the love of her life. 

The court has observed that she is well within her rights to decide what is good for her and decided based on that.