Sometimes a woman has to take a stand for all the women. Bringing a wave of change with her work, Priya Shukla has time and again proved the importance of women in society. She is an artist and a model born in a Hindu Pandit Brahmin family. As a human being, Shukla has always shown respect to each and every religion of the country and she believes that God is one.

“Everyone must do good and be helpful towards each other. All we can do is help one another and uplift the needy people by giving them a helping hand”, she said. Moreover, Priya has several times raised her voice against men who have been involved in acts like domestic violence and molestation.

She was earlier elected as the Maharashtra president of Touching Souls, an NGO which she is associated with for quite a long time now. Being a model and an artist, she contributes the majority of her earnings for the poor people. Priya has been a part of many social activities like buying food and clothes for poor people.

Apart from this, she has also made up her mind to provide scholarships and free education programs to the students who can’t afford to go to school. By this year, she will build an organisation with a team of strong girls who will work towards women empowerment.

While sharing her views on women empowerment, she said, “In general, many women are not given the dignity and are treated inferior compared to men. I need to remind such people that ladies not only run the houses but are also capable to run the world. Women should not be underestimated at any cost.” She was The Bright Miss Perfect runner-up in 2016 and in 2017, she represented India and won the Miss Asian Beauty Award 2017 in Sri Lanka. In 2018, she won the Miss Asian Diva of the year in UAE. On the work front, Priya Shukla will be seen in an Indo-Australian movie and is also training for MMA to represent India in Thailand, USA and Russia.