Pallavi Aggarwal, Fashion Designer based out of Faridabad, Haryana started her brand "Paramitas" in 2017. Since the brand's launch 3 years ago, it has catered to many celebrities.

At the brand's launch, the 90s heartthrob - Rahul Roy was in attendance, he inaugurated Paramitas and gave his blessings. 
Amrita Rao did the same at Paramitas' outlet launch and extended her good wishes.

Paramitas - a word of the ancient times - commonly refers to perfection, the etymological analysis of the word sheds more light on its meaning; Paramitas means prime, the most excellent. 
All the connotations of the word are reflected in pieces made by Paramitas by Pallavi Aggarwal. 

The cut, the structure, the drape and the stitch, all the effort put into her work by the designer makes mesmerizing Indian Wear which bears her signature touches as well as the wearer's personal preferences. 

Pallavi Aggarwal has dressed a score of celebrities including Ashmit Patel, Nora fatehi, Mahek Chahel, Saba Khan, Kriti Verma, Aarti Singh, Rakhi Sawant Deepshikha Nagpal, Rahul Roy, , MD, Anita hasanadani. Ciesly claudia
Sapna Chaudhary approached Paramitas when she wanted to redo her wardrobe. 

Pallavi Aggarwal apart from being a successful couturier, also organises many fashion shows and competitions for her clients. 

Pallavi doesn't simply make clothes for her clients, she works closely with them, listens to and understands what the client's vision is. A simple article of clothing would be a draw, cut and stitch process, however at Paramitas, all pieces are pondered over, every detail added is meant to add something to the overall piece's aesthetic and cater to the client's expectations. 

The dedication and thought put into the work by Pallavi and her team truly takes after the word Paramitas - and makes everything about the brand Perfect, Prime, the most Excellent.