For centuries now, if there's a word associated with long-distance relationships. its pain. Poets have written about how incomplete they feel without their loved one. British poet John Donne compared his love to a compass and said even though he needs to separate from his wife, their souls are still connected. The idea of two souls connected in an imaginary universe is the stuff of dreams but in a real-world, two lovers may have to make real efforts in order for their relationship to survive. 

Most long-distance relationships fizzle out because people are either tired of missing the other person, constant fights or disconnection in their personalities. To be sure, these problems occur when there isn't enough communication in the relationship. But there's a way to overcome this. Here's our guide to surviving a long-distance relationship and what you should do to keep the spark alive.

Make travel plans

If you're going to enter into a long distance relationship, then make sure you visit each once in a while. Some couples make it a point to meet their partner once a month. Physical intimacy is important and try your best to have this.

Do not let your ego interfere

There will come a point when one person feels more like the giver. The important thing to remember is that your effort makes someone else happy. Do not fight over who sends teh first text or makes or phone calls or crafts plans to meet in the future.

Have Skype sessions as often as possible

With Facetime, Skype and WhatsApp video calls, you could easily see each other's face. If you want to change things up a little, then have a video call in one of your favourite locations so that the other person can see it too, albeit on a computer screen.

Be vulnerable

No matter how hard you try, none of your friends will understand how difficult a long distance relationship is. Share your fears, anxiety and pain with your partner because they are in the same emotional boat as you.

Be creative

If its a special occasion, then make your happiness felt in different ways. Apart from going over there and surprising them, you can send flowers, cakes, buy tickets for a match... the possibilities are endless.

Understand that it's for a short while

One of the things that make long distance relationships so frustrating is the uncertainty it brings about. That's why its important to remember that the physical distance between you two will end and that the silver lining will soon be visible. 

Don't send too many texts

Rather, make your time together enriching. There will always be a lot to catch up if you give each other enough space.

Don't be upset if you fight when you meet

Differences in personalities are bound to occur but treat these problems as they occur. There's no point making it into a bigger issue. Also, your visit to your partner's place may not be as you imagined but reality is always a better place to live in.