Ugadi signifies the heralding of the New Year for South Indian Hindus.  Here are 4 facts that you should know about Ugadi.

1. Range of human emotions:  

On Ugadi, there are six ingredients present in a special dish called Ugadi Pachadi, which represent a particular emotion present in every human. These are anger (chilli), happiness (jaggery), sadness (neem), hate (tamarind), fear (salt) and surprise (raw mango).

2. Of mangoes and leaves:  
Freshly-cut mango leaves are adorned at the doorway of one’s house. This is supposed to signify prosperity and a good yield.

3. Balance of good and bad:
Neem plays an integral role in Ugadi festivities – be it food or decoration. The reason being is that is neem is inherently a bitter plant. The neem leaves and flowers are mixed with jaggery signifying a balance of good and bad.

4.  The thorana

Thorana in Kannada is a garland of mango leaves. Fresh mango leaves are plucked and arranged into a half garland and are decorated on the door. This is believed to ward off evil spirit and make the house a place of positive energy.