In a unique way to bring the rich cultural heritage of India to spotlight, Sahib Singh Sadana has decided to document indigenous nuances like regional festivals and local art from all over the country, on his travel blog aptly named ‘Travelling Indian.’ 

A fleeting glance on this Instagram profile @travellingindian, and you will find yourself mesmerized by colourful pictures of local processions, parish architecture, and the ever so important denizens who make any place what it is. 

Sahib knows a lot has been said about the vivid beauty that India is home to but still feels there is more to that than what meets the eye. The resilient blogger hails from Mandi, a small town in the hills of Himachal and feels deeply about the uncharted territories when it comes to travel coverage in India. With this perspective and an aim to highlight the magnificent glory hidden in the multitude of mini cultures of the land, he has made it his mission to document them. 


Sahib gushes as he speaks of his recent adventures at the Kalap Festival in the upper Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. He has captured the fete in all its beauty set on the banks of River Supin and traditional Garhwali architecture amidst surreal natural settings of deodars and snow-covered Bandarpunch peaks. Sahib unravels the majestic mythological tale of the land, its unparalleled beauty, the architectural appeal, and sustainable ecotourism it is home to, in his blog. 

In line with his mission, Sahib also made his way to the Mandi Shivaratri Fair in Himachal Pradesh. He documented the multi-deity culture of the dev bhumi in meticulous detail in February this year. He believes every place that he covers intrigues him more towards uncovering the hidden gems that sparkle and make up the rich diversity of our country. 

His work has been featured in many renowned national and international publications. The traveller is excited about his future expeditions, like the one he plans to make to the Hornbill festival that is to be hosted in Nagaland this year in December.