Bengaluru: Keeping your home clean has become a necessity in these times of corona pandemic. With winter setting in, dust and pollution will be increasing making the task of home cleaning even more important.

Also, with Christmas and New Year celebrations just round the corner, Home décor for this holiday season also becomes a key activity at home.

Below are some tips for home cleaning and home décor.

Thorough Cleaning

It is important to keep all areas & surfaces of the home clean. This includes the kitchen slabs, dining area, floors and bathrooms. These are areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly and frequently to prevent grime and dust settling. Disinfecting them is very important. Cooking and serving utensils need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent growth of bacteria.

Common areas that we normally miss: Dusting of doors and windows, cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, appliances, personal gadgets, hard to reach corners of bathrooms, kitchen tiles.

Tips to make the task easier: Create a schedule – this will ensure that you have time for each task. Allocate work amongst your family members and make it a family fun time.

Use better tools & agents

It is good to use specialized disinfectants and tools. This will ensure that all areas are disinfected, and the task is completed in no time and thoroughly, without missing any spots.

There are specialized kitchen cleaners with disinfectants that ensure your kitchen surfaces are germ free. Use the kitchen cleaners with absorbent tools like sponge wipe. It will magically clean all messes, making your work hassle free. To keep your cooktop clean & scratch-free, use microfiber cloth that removes fine dust and stains.

Floor cleaning need not be a back breaking task. Use handled mops instead of rag cloths or used towels for mopping. Pair these with disinfectants to remove fine specs of dust and keep them germ free.

Pay special attention to the cooking and cleaning processes. All groceries, milk packets, vegetables and fruits must be thoroughly washed as soon as you get them into the house. It is best to avoid outside food. And since more cooking and eating at home means more dishes – buy specialized tools with a comfortable grip like a scouring sponge that ensure totally clean, sparkling & hygienic utensils with minimum effort. Use a trusted dishwash bar/liquid.

Tip: Protect yourself with a good pair of gloves while cleaning your home.

Declutter Kitchen

The one place in the house that should always be clean and spotless is the kitchen. It is not only important to keep the kitchen clean, it is equally important to keep it organized and clutter- free.

Start with organizing Kitchen tools which are frequently used everyday like Ladles, spoons, knives, chopping board, tea strainer etc. Give a fixed place to each of these everyday-use items in your kitchen so that they are easy to access and very handy. You can use Caddies and organizers to organize small items like spoons, tea strainers. For heavier kitchen items like big spoons, chopping boards, pans, You can use adhesive based hooks to hang these items on the kitchen wall.

Most of the Indian Kitchens are compact and small, and with so many items inside the kitchen area, it tends to make your kitchen congested and unorganized.

Utilize Kitchen walls and Inner sides of kitchen cabinet doors to hang Kitchen tools to make your kitchen more spacious. For this, You can use adhesive hooks which hold strongly, are easy to use and also don’t damage your wall. This will also give a very neat and organized look to your kitchen.

Home Décor

Apart from cleaning, it is also important to create a positive and calming atmosphere at home. People are spending most of their daily life indoors which can make them feel overwhelmed and distraught. Home décor needs to be redesigned to make your home feel like your personal sanctuary, your comfort zone. Also, with the Christmas and New year holiday season just round the corner, Home décor becomes even more important. Make Your Home a Vibrant & Happy Place with positive Vibes with the help of below DIY décoration projects.

You can create a Memory Wall by creating a collage of photo frames of all your sweet memories with friends and family. You can use adhesive based picture hanging strips for hanging frames which makes the job of creating a photo frame collage very easy and convenient.

You can use Led lights on the walls to brighten up any corner of your home. You can also decorate your indoors with plants. Plants have a calming effect on our nerves. You can hang small planters in multiple corners of your home. You can use transparent adhesive Hooks to hang all these décor items so that these hooks can’t be seen on your wall. Ensure that you use hooks which hold strongly so that your home decor Items are not damaged because of falling hooks.

(Author - Siddhesh Varde Borkar, Country Business Leader, Consumer Business in 3M India)