Creating mashup videos that go-ahead to become viral on the internet speak volumes of Dipraj Jadhav’s unprecedented fandom. Dipraj who enjoys half a million followers on Instagram says, “My friends and my followers have been my biggest support system. Ask them each time for the most genuine feedbacks”.

He further adds, “It’s the audience you make or break you. I have been receiving immense love and appreciation from everyone, and that has lifted me to a whole new love. I hope people are keeping loving my content”.

Dipraj‘s content is an incredible blend of visual clips from pop culture references with popular tunes that often create a humorous impact with a contrasting feature.

The digital sensation has worked with the who’s who of the entertainment industry, which gave him fame and helped him grow as an artist.

Over the years, Dipraj has collaborated with a lot of Bollywood celebs and other personalities like Dj Snake, Alan Walker, Ritviz, Badshah, Nucleya, Divine to name a few. Many of his videos surfacing on the internet have gotten him appreciation from various Bollywood celebrities through an open platform.