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Daily Horoscope for March 18, 2023: Be cautious Cancer; good day for Gemini, Libra

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for March 18, 2023. Continue reading and share with your friends.

Daily Horoscope for March 18, 2023: Be cautious Cancer; good day for Gemini, Libra AJR
First Published Mar 18, 2023, 1:00 AM IST


Ganesha says, the position of the planets will be beneficial. The hard work done at this time will prove beneficial in the future. Any lingering anxiety and stress will be relieved. Keep your transaction simple. It is necessary to remove negative habits like ego, stubbornness. Children will need your cooperation. Do not sign any documents or papers without reading them. Plans related to change in business method will prove beneficial. There is a possibility of a rift with a colleague in the office.


Ganesha says, the hard work done for any work will get a favourable result, due to which there will be peace in the mind. Children's focus will be on studies. Some people may criticize you behind your back out of jealousy. Keep a distance from such people; take care of the health and honour of seniors in the house. In business there will be engagement in marketing related activities, due to which you will get profitable contracts. On receiving good news, there will be a festive atmosphere in the house.


Ganesha says, there will be plans related to some auspicious work in the family. Due to which there will be a happy atmosphere. Your confidence is creating new achievements for you. Along with the increase in the means of income, there will also be a situation of expenditure. Due to which the economic situation may fluctuate. So, it is necessary to go ith a budget. Import-export related activities have beneficial position and you will gain speed in business with ability. A little change is required in the job. Time will be spent in shopping and fun with life partner and family.


Ganesha says, there will be busyness for a special purpose. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of an experienced person if a particular task is obstructed. If you are planning to invest somewhere, the day is very good. Keep distance from people with negative attitude. Associating with them can also bring you into disrepute. There will be more work in business, but the mind will also be disturbed due to not getting favourable results. The situation is not good now so it is better to keep calm and be patient. There will be a pleasant relationship between husband and wife.


Ganesha says, you will get an opportunity to participate in some social work. There will be an atmosphere of peace in the house. The support and cooperation of senior people will enhance your image. Understand children's feelings and be cooperative with them. Instead of getting angry, act sensibly in solving any problem going on at home. It is important to have transparency in business related to partnership; the support of experienced and senior people will be beneficial in your field of work. Marital relations will be sweet. Getting the family's approval in love relationships will bring relief.


Ganesha says, by keeping your daily routine in order, you will be able to complete all the tasks on time. It will also increase your confidence. Students need more attention in studies. Instead of getting angry about something negative, solve the problem peacefully. It is necessary to monitor every activity in business matters. A business related to property transactions can be a somewhat lucrative position. Enjoyable time will be spent with spouse and family members in shopping and entertainment etc.


Ganesha says, if there is any planning related to purchase and sale of property, then there can be a conversation related to it. Your cooperation will be positive in solving any problem of the child. Don't let laziness get the best of you, because it can stop your much important work. If a business partnership is being planned, implement it immediately. Any kind of change in the field of work will be beneficial. Don't let outsiders interfere in your family matters. There is a possibility of injury or accident at this time.


Ganesha says, maintain your confidence and morale, your positive attitude and balanced thinking will help in solving any problem. Along with making plans, it is also necessary to implement them. Keep in mind that over thinking can get out of hand. Time is right to handle marketing related tasks in business. Argument over a small matter is likely. Do not invest money in risky activities. Enjoyable time will be spent in laughter and entertainment with family members.


Ganesha says, outline your daily routine at the beginning of the day. Exchanging ideas will bring positive changes in the daily routine. Don't make your personal activities public, give children freedom as they wish without strict control. It will increase their confidence. Some special people will help in improving business activities. An outsider's advice may prove harmful to you. There will be sweetness in the relationship with spouse. There can be disagreements on small things in love relationships.


Ganesha says, the position of the planets is very favourable at this time. There is a possibility of a marriage proposal from an unmarried member in the house. Meeting with eminent people will be beneficial. Some time meditation and contemplation is also necessary. Anger and ego can also worsen the situation. Keep distance from negative people. You will try to bring some change in your field of work through your ability; the work will be more on the government employees.


Ganesha says, keep your presence in social activities will increase your contact circle. The day will be spent in looking after the house and maintaining order. Some of your own important work may remain incomplete due to excessive busyness. If there is a special meeting, adjourn it. Any type of negligence in business matters can be harmful. The position of the planets is also not very good. That is why it is very important to be careful. Don't let outsiders interfere in your family life.


Ganesha says, maximum time of the day will be spent in personal and family activities. Spending some time with children and guiding them will boost their confidence. Relations with neighbours or friends may sour, at this time expenditure will be high, while sources of income will be low. Work seriously on the plan of new work in business. Heed the guidance and advice of experienced and senior people, Married life will be happy. Staying organized and disciplined will make you feel physically and mentally healthy.

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