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Are your children getting enough Vitamin D? Add these foods to their diet

One of the most important nutrients for children is Vitamin D which increases their immunity. But many children are not getting enough Vitamin D and this calls for some specific foods to be included in their diet

Are the children getting enough Vitamin D? Add these foods to their diet!
First Published Nov 27, 2022, 12:41 PM IST

Children need to have a balanced diet that includes all nutrients necessary for their health and growth. It is important to instil in them the habit of healthy eating from a very young age. And parents should have a clear idea of what all nutrients the children need without fail. Vitamin D is one such nutrient that cannot be left off the list. Because it helps in the absorption of Calcium which is essential for the growth of bones and teeth.

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Unlike other nutrients, food is not the sole source of Vitamin D. It is produced by the human body in reaction to sun exposure. Not just children but adults too need this vitamin to increase their immunity to prevent diseases, strengthen their bones as they age, and also to manage their body weight.

A deficiency of Vitamin D is a common problem today, with many people complaining of health issues like weak muscles and pain in the joints. With a few changes in lifestyle and a balanced diet, we can rectify this problem.

So, what foods should be included in children's diet to ensure that their Vitamin D level is normal?

Ensure children consume eggs, spinach, mushroom, salmon fish, milk and other dairy products, and orange. These foods will provide Vitamin D in the right quantity, and they will also help with the overall health and growth of children. And do encourage them to play outside and get some sunlight which will also help improve their Vitamin D levels. 

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