Being a top-notch model, Angelium Kaur gets too many luxurious First Class travel opportunities and her all the favourite stay destination has always been the Armani Hotel in Dubai. 

She has worked with a couple of Dubai brands and companies that provide her stay at her favorite destination called The Armani Hotel. For her, it has got her the home away from home experience at Armani. After all it offers sophisticated comfort to the lady whenever she gets the chance to check-in at this hotel. 

Secondly, it's the location that matters a lot for the lady as Armani Hotel is located at the iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building in Dubai giving the best view of the city. 

She has often shared her pictures from her stay at Armani Hotel, The Shard & The Lodhi on Social Media with cool captions and tags getting her the best of the responses from her fans. Her favourite shopping destinations are London, Milan & New York. It also speaks a lot about the luxury and lifestyle Angelium Kaur encompasses in her life. Staying at one of the suites speaks a lot about her taste and zest of her life, which she enjoys while enjoying good food in it.

For Angelium Kaur, visiting London means checking into The Shard Hotel, the tallest building in the United Kingdom besides London Bridge. The height of fine dining along 360 London view. And visiting Dubai means checking in the Armani Hotel and enjoying all the luxury one would often wish and dream to have. Secondly, the location of the hotel also remains significant for the lady as it is located in the world-famous couture district, which is merely a few minutes walk from the top shopping destinations and streets of Via Montenapoleone and gives her the spectacular Piazza del Duomo. So, with all these luxuries to enjoy at Armani Hotel, this place for the lady has been her all time favorite in the Middle East.