New Delhi: Aiming to build strong bilateral ties with Sweden on healthcare issues, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sweden in the areas of healthy ageing and dementia care.

On Tuesday (December 3), Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden visited the premier medical institute of the country and the key healthcare issues were discussed with Professor Dr Randeep Guleria, Director-AIIMS with the major focus on the treatment of dementia.

The administration of AIIMS along with the Queen of Sweden and her delegates also interacted during a training programme to ensure the quality of life for people fallen prey to dementia in both the countries.

Speaking exclusive to ANI, Professor Guleria said, "We are grateful to the Queen of Sweden that she came to AIIMS- Delhi. She is concerned about the health of whether dementia is related to childhood health issues or because of healthy ageing. She has started her own NGO to provide treatment and help patients with dementia. There they give training for nurses and caretakers about how to handle the patients suffering from the same. Dementia is close to her heart as she has seen her mother suffering from the disease."

"Queen of Sweden also shared experience about how much that a patient's attendant suffers if a person is from his family. The most important thing is that people do not understand as there is a lack of awareness among them. There is a need to diagnose the early stage of dementia. At, AIIMS we are running a geriatric department to treat patients with dementia.

“We have done a lot of innovative things for patient management and caregivers. To know about all these facilities here, Queen had visited AIIMS. We had comprehensive interactions with the delegations and stakeholders. Now, we will be signing an MOU with Sweden to collaborate in all areas but especially in ageing and dementia. In India, the problem is rising and we have to find our India specific solutions."

"In this collaboration, we will find out that what kind of work is being done in Sweden and how can we bring that in India and what Sweden can learn from us," added the AIIMS Director.

As on 2015, there are 4.4 million people in India living with dementia which is likely to be doubled by 2030, informed Dr Prasun Chatterjee, Professor of Geriatrics at AIIMS. "According to the data published in 2016, people spent around Rs 23,000 crore for the treatment of the disease."