Struggling with hair loss? Here are some handy hair loss remedies that won’t burn a hole in your wallet. All you need are a few simple everyday ingredients to repair your hair loss, and get your lustrous mane back.



Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has a particular enzyme that enables it to protect and nourishes the hair, and thus prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. Simply add one-third fenugreek (methi) to a cup of aloe vera, and apply the solution to your scalp after an hour, and then wash it off. For better and faster results, it should ideally be applied thrice a day.  




Gooseberry: Rich with antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C, gooseberry is a wonderful agent for hair growth as it strengthens the hair from the root. Consuming gooseberry juice also helps avoid dandruff. Apply a mix of gooseberry powder, henna powder and Brahmi powder in equal portions, and make a paste out of it by adding it to curd. Then apply lime and gooseberry juice to your scalp for 20-minutes. Afterwards, this gooseberry paste should be applied to your scalp and allow it to dry for 2 hours. This will strengthen the hair from the roots, and reduce hair loss.

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Fenugreek: Add two spoons of fenugreek and green gram, three spoons of shikakai, lemon juice and 15 curry leaves. Mix all the ingredients together. Apply the paste like shampoo while having a bath. This will reduce hair fall.




Neem: Add a cup of neem to four cups of water and boil it for ten minutes.  Once the neem water is cooled, apply this to your scalp and wash your hair in the morning. This will prevent hair fall and makes it shiny.



Sesame: Sesame is enriched with magnesium and calcium, which helps to regain lost hair. Adding sesame to one’s diet is equally beneficial.



Banyan tree root: Add lemon juice to banyan tree root, and apply the paste to the hair root. This helps reduce hair fall.