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Alappuzha murder case update: FIR names Kala's husband as prime accused

Anil has been named the prime accused in the murder of his wife Sreekala (Kala), who went missing 15 years ago in Mannar, Alappuzha. The FIR suggests the motive was suspicion of Kala having an affair.

Alappuzha murder case update: FIR names Kala's husband as prime accused anr
First Published Jul 3, 2024, 11:50 AM IST

Alappuzha: The Kerala police have identified Anil as the main accused in the murder case of his wife, Kala, who disappeared 15 years ago from Mannar in Alappuzha. The FIR suggests that the motive behind the murder was suspicion of Kala having an extra-marital affair.

Kerala: Police confirm murder of woman who went missing 15 years ago, suspects husband's role in crime

The report additionally implicates three other individuals — Jinu, Soman, and Pramod, who are relatives of Anil — as accused in the case. According to the FIR, all four are directly involved in the crime. Kala's murder allegedly took place at the Perumpuzha bridge, where Anil is accused of disposing of her body and eliminating all traces of evidence. However, the FIR does not detail the method of murder or specify where exactly the body was disposed of.

The police conducted an examination of a septic tank at a residence in Eramathoor near Mannar on Tuesday (July 02). They discovered evidence that reportedly confirmed the murder. Additionally, they retrieved a chain-like object from the pit, which will undergo examination by a specialized forensic team that is expected to arrive in Mannar soon.

Anil's family allegedly objected to his marriage to Kala, who came from a different community. The couple lived separately from Anil's family, and after their marriage, Anil moved to Angola for work. Reports of Kala allegedly being involved in an affair caused domestic tensions, prompting her attempt to return to her parental home. During this period, Anil insisted on gaining custody of their son.

Sreekala (Kala) went missing from Mannar in 2008-2009. The Ambalappuzha police recently received an anonymous letter regarding the case. This letter reportedly originated from an incident in which one of the involved individuals unintentionally revealed details during a heated argument with his wife, including threats of inflicting a similar fate as the deceased woman.

Kerala: Remains of woman missing since 15 years recovered from septic tank

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