A BMTC bus conductor assaulted a 41-year-old woman on Saturday last week in Bengaluru. The woman was slapped so hard that she was apparently bleeding from one of her ears. Her earring also broke. Later she was treated at the KC General Hospital.  


Lakshmi Renukesh, the victim, boarded this bus near Sapthagiri College and she was travelling to Majestic. She gave a ₹ 100 note to the conductor (Uday Kumar) for her ticket price worth ₹ 21. The conductor gave back ₹ 75 instead of ₹ 79. When Lakshmi asked for the correct change, the conductor started assaulting her.


“Near Majestic, he gave me back only Rs 74, claiming the remaining Rs 5 was deducted for my granddaughter. I objected as a three-year-old doesn’t need a ticket,” Lakshmi was quoted as saying by the Bangalore Mirror.


“He became violent and started abusing me. Then he slapped me twice with such force that it cut my ear lobe and the earring broke. There were so many passengers, including women, in the bus. But nobody came to help me even though I kept asking them. My ear was bleeding, but I refused to get down from the bus in protest.”


“I didn’t want it. He was inhuman. He even made an elderly woman get out of the bus at the Malleswaram traffic signal and she struggled to cross the road. He kept confusing other passengers by asking them how much they paid for the ticket,” she added.


After she was slapped by the conductor, she informed police about this. The police came and listened to the entire incident and received a complaint. Later the police arrested the accused on Sunday morning. 


“The conductor, Uday Kumar, was arrested in the early hours of Sunday. He works for BMTC 8th depot in Yeshwanthpur,” a police official stated.