The real reason behind people abandoning the Ashraya houses built by Karnataka government

The Congress government had boasted of building Ashraya Houses for the poor and homeless in Karnataka. Accordingly, houses were built and also handed over to the people at Kempegowdana Doddi in Ramanagar in 2004. But currently, these houses have been abandoned by the beneficiaries to whom the houses were granted and they have turned into hubs to alleged illegal activities including gambling and sexual activities. The reason being no basic facilities like, power and water connection given to these houses. Thus one can see the houses without doors, windows or even broken panes and alcohol bottles and cards strewn inside the house. There is also no road connectivity to these houses. Though the houses were allotted in 2004, there was no response to repeated complaints and pleas of people for the basic amenities, forcing them to leave the houses to stay in huts and slum areas. Here is the shocking video of where the Ashraya houses were built and its current situation, which is pathetic. These houses are built by the public money and this is one of the examples of how it is going waste, while the government continues to take credit for the allegedly half-baked work it has done.

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