Siddaramaiah, who was in a state of grief and severely depressed, at the time requested SMK to takeover as the Karnataka CM.

Had the situation been favourable and the central leaders like Sonia Gandhi Congress Supremo and Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President shared a good rapport with SM Krishna, he might have considered.

The insult to SMK was too much. The 'age factor' was being cited by central leaders,  especially Rahul Gandhi who never replied to SMK's letters and did not even care to meet Krishna whenever he visited Delhi to appraise the grave situation in Mandya and surroundings.

"SMK was asked to take over as Congress president once by Sonia Gandhi and other senior leaders, but since he has to work with Rahul Gandhi, he declined and same reason is said to be behind SMK not willing to take as CM post when Siddaramaiah offered him last year,"  said a source from Karnataka Congress Pradesh Committee.

SMK did visit Siddaramaiah last year after the death of CM's son Rakesh Siddaramaiah last year and had  brief talks, but his interaction with central leaders was not much as he was visibly upset with the style and functioning. 

"This may be the reason he was not much interested in Congress as he was being sidelined,"  said a source close to SM Krishna Camp.