The Minister for Water Resources M B Patil has accepted that he made a mistake when he signed for separate Veerashaiva - Lingayt religion 4 years ago.  He has written a letter to Shyamanur Shivashankarappa, president of Akhila Bharatha Veerashaiva Mahasabha, that he made a mistake in signing for the letter supporting separate religion for Veerashaiva - Lingayat and that now he feels there is a need to demand Lingayata as an  independent religion.

He has explained in the letter that there are differences between Veerashaiva sand Lingayat.  It is evident from two books published by Dr Hiremallur Eshwaran that Lingayat is an independent religion. Even scholar Dr M M Kalaburgi has written in his epic book Marga that Lingayat is an independent religion.  

Lingayat religion that came into existence 800 years ago has been acknowledged by the British in their gazettier and by Rev Kittel that Basavanna launched the Lingayat religion. Veerashaiva Mahasabha must correct the past mistake and realise that Veerashaiva- Lingayat religion will not be declared as an independent religion and hence must urge for State and Central governments to declare Lingayat as an independent religion. All mutt seers, scholars, Pancha Mutt seers, and other leaders of Veerashaiva must be taken into confidence and urge to declare Lingayata as an independent religion.

However, Shyamanur Shivashankarappa has said that when the Mahasabha submitted the letter to the Union Home Minister in 2013, M b Patil was with him. Now he says he has not received any letter. Veerashaiva Mahasabha will continue to struggle for independent religion status for Veerashaiva Lingayat and there are no doubts about it.