The members of Lake Saving Group are shocked as the buffer zone protecting Peenya lake is not only breached, but the water body is partially covered with industrial debris.The activist says that Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB)  did not take any measures despite complaints.

Six months ago, the KSPCB chairman Lakshman along with other officials had visited Peenya industrial area and had issued the closure order to two industries after they released effluents into the lake. However, this did not help to prevent the lake from the damage caused by surrounding industries.

"The chain link fence to protect the lake is broken. The lake bed is used as a dumping ground of industrial debris and for parking trucks. The issue has become so severe that the trees in the Peenya surrounding areas have failed to bloom and give fruits. This precarious situation is a big concern because industrial debris and effluents that are entering Lake have percolated into the groundwater and is polluting it," said Promodh Baliga an industrialist and member of Friends of Lake.

 Taking serious note of such violation, KSPCB  has issued notices to all the industries in the surrounding and now plans for surprise inspections. "The problem of lake pollution is severe now.  I will take officials and crack a whip on industries polluting Peenya lake. We will also take help from locals and activist in identifying the polluters and will impose ₹5 lakh fine for lake pollution. Even if the labour is guilty of dumping or releasing effluents, the owners will be liable for punishments," said Lakshman.

Earlier there were reports of cattle falling sick, getting infected with mastitis and dying after drinking water from the Peenya lake.  Due to the increasing pollution in the lake, few industries had come forward with over ₹25 lakh funds to clean up the lake, but the BBMP did not show any interest.

"We have complained to all the stakeholders of the lake, but not an agency has come to hear us out. If the same continues, the lake will disappear from the map in sometime," said Baliga.