From the nuisance of moral policing to NOTA, Mangaluru University students speak their minds out

Mangaluru University students, most of who are first-time voters, openly said that they are not comfortable even walking with their Muslim friends and vice-versa because of the moral policing present. They speak exclusively to Asianet Newsable. Post the pub attack incident, girls questioned why a girl and a boy talking together must be termed as love, why can't it be friendship? Further, students also said that political parties must shed their narrow-mindedness and should accept that people of all religions can be friends. BJP should stop saying that they can win with Hindu votes and Congress must stop appeasing Muslim voters. All should live in harmony. Constitution, rules, law and order should be respected and followed. Watch the responsible students of the country making an appeal to the political parties and giving a hint that they will not be carried away by appeasement gimmicks and that leaders should be aware of NOTA where the candidate can be rejected by people.

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