Congress leader, Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao in a press meet said that the diary was analysed by an expert and the results have proved that the dairy is not genuine and the handwriting on it doesn’t match with the Congress leader Govindaraju. He alleged that it was a ploy by the BJP to defame Congress.


However, BJP maintained status quo and said that Congress was taking the help of a private lab to prove that it is clean. BJP leader Yeddyurappa said that it was just a gimmick before the polls.


Meanwhile, the IT department has said that they had not leaked the diary. So the million dollar question is who gave the diary to Yeddyurappa, who exposed the scam with the copy of diary in his hand.


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However, Minister Gundu Rao had also said that he will release the report to the public soon. Surprisingly, the BJP has stopped its demand for a discussion on the diary scam in the Assembly. This has given rise to suspicion if the diary is genuine.


Another factor important here is the person who conducted the forensic test of the diary. Best known as P Chandra Sekharan, the Padma Bhushan awardee, who conducted the test has said that the diary is not genuine as the handwriting in the diary does not match that of Govindaraju, from whose house the diary was seized.


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Pakkiriswamy Chandra Sekharan is an Indian forensic expert, writer and a former director of the Department of Forensics Sciences of the Government of Tamil Nadu. He was best known for his contributions in the investigations in the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination case. He was awarded Padma Bhushan for his role in cracking the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.


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