The monthly pass rates of BMTC Volvo bus service provided to private companies and other offices has been reduced by 10 percent, reported Kannada Prabha.

BMTC is offering Volvo bus specific route services to private companies and other offices. Some months ago BMTC had submitted a proposal to the Transport Department to reduce the rates of monthly pass for these busses. Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy ha snow approved the proposal and soon the revised rates will be announced, reported Kannada Prabha.

BMTC provides 41 seater and 35 seater Volvo busses for private companies. For the 41 seater bus the monthly bus pass rate for daily 120 km travel has been reduced from Rs 3910 to Rs 3570, saving Rs 340.  Daily 160 km travel pass cost has been reduced from Rs 4197 to Rs 3832 saving Rs 365.

The 35 seater Volvo pass for 120 km daily has reduced from Rs 4312 to Rs 3780 saing Rs 532. The 160 km daily pass has been reduced from Rs 4600 to Rs 3990 saving Rs 610.

BMTC is already in loss and is trying to recover the losses. The Metro also has been a big blow to BMTC earnings.  However, the general public who travel by Volvo regularly are disappointed that only private company and office passes rates are reduced.