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Outrage sparks against NDA for fielding Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna over alleged sexual abuse case

Outrage spreads nationwide over MP Prajwal Revanna's alleged involvement in the "Hassan pen drive case" of sexual abuse. Protests erupt in Karnataka, including at HD Kumaraswamy's residence, demanding Revanna's arrest. Social media amplifies calls for action, with Congress leaders condemning JDS and BJP's response. HD Kumaraswamy and PM Modi face criticism.

Outrage sparks in Karnataka against NDA for fielding Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna over alleged sexual abuse case vkp
First Published Apr 30, 2024, 10:30 AM IST

Outrage has erupted across the nation as citizens express their indignation over the alleged involvement of MP Prajwal Revanna from the JDS in a case of sexual abuse. The incident, widely known as the "Hassan pen drive case," has stirred nationwide protests, with demands for justice reverberating from Hassan to Bengaluru and beyond.

Protesters gathered in various parts of Karnataka, including in front of former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy's residence in Bengaluru. NSUI activists vehemently demanded the arrest of MP Prajwal Revanna as investigations into the sexual assault case intensified. Effigies of Prajwal were set ablaze, symbolizing the public's frustration and demand for accountability.

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The outcry has extended beyond physical protests to the digital realm, with social media platforms becoming battlegrounds for voicing discontent. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks have been flooded with posts condemning Prajwal Revanna and the JDS. Users are calling for swift and decisive action against the MP, asserting that such behaviour is disgraceful and warrants expulsion from the political party.

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Adding fuel to the fire, Congress leaders have joined the chorus of criticism, lambasting both the JDS and BJP for their perceived inaction. They have called upon BJP leaders to clarify their stance on the Prajwal Revanna case, highlighting the need for accountability across party lines. Mahila Congress National President Alka Lamba has accused Prajwal Revanna of unprecedented violence against women, alleging that he acted with impunity due to perceived political protection.

Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy's remarks have also drawn ire, with his comments about women being misled by guarantee schemes sparking controversy. Congress leader Priyank Vadra has directed criticism at Prime Minister Modi, questioning his silence on the matter despite his vocal support for women's rights.

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