Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)- India’s First National Business Chamber for Women is working to build and provide policy inputs including life skills training models to the stakeholders including the government for enhancing life skills of women across all levels, profiles and sectors in the country.

On the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, the WICCI- National Life Skills Council had set in motion its vision and mission with ‘policy creation’ and ‘skill intervention’ as its top priorities. “Evolving times usher evolving methodologies and solutions, and thus we need to create novel ways of enhancing life skills with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields. The National Council shall build well researched and legit policies in the area and suggest the acceptance and implementation of the same to the Government of India, for woman empowerment and a better-conditioned society,” said Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal, WICCI National President – Life Skills while releasing the Vision, Mission and Values of the Council.

Highlighting the India Vision, she also said, “We need to create a powerful and enriching eco-system of life skills for the nation that builds the psychosocial, interpersonal and affective capacity of an individual in multiple areas to develop coping mechanisms and self-management skills that can effectively combat challenges, and help individuals evolve towards self- empowerment and success as professionals in business, industry and commerce across all sectors and fields.”

Congratulating the WICCI Karnataka State Life Skills Council on their launch on 19th December 2020, Dr. Kuiljeit Uppaal said in her Inaugural address that “Community engagement is critical for successful implementation of life skill programmes. We shall create ways to engage with the community at various levels in person or digitally. We also plan to aid direct learning and facilitation and thus effectively engage with the population as ‘friends of hope and resolve’, where there is scope for the community to openly share their feelings, feel a sense of belonging and mutually strengthen each other within the group.”

WICCI National Vice President- Life Skills, Sivambiga Athianna on the occasion added, “We at WICCI Life Skills Council are focussed towards reaching out to as many working women as possible, in line with our core ideology of our Vision and Mission. We plan to partner and engage with the local bodies through our State Councils. We believe our selfless contribution will accentuate the transformation of the working women fraternity.”

Dr Harbeen Arora, Founder President, WICCI, congratulated the state council on its inauguration. In her address she said, “There are three things that contribute to women empowerment -- self-belief, safety and support. If I must define what makes a resilient woman then I can just take cues from what everyone on the panel today mentioned the first being resolve, which is the counterpart of self-belief. The second is risk taking ability and the third is resonance. I feel truly blessed to be around so many role models like yourselves who showcase what resilience is and the wonderful work that each of you have been doing in extending support for women entrepreneurs”.

The keynote address at the inauguration was given by the Guest of Honour K. Ratna Prabha, Chairperson, Karnataka Skill Development Authority. She has been the former Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka. She is also the founder of Ubuntu, a consortium of women entrepreneurs. “Life skills is a new subject, and I am glad WICCI Life Skills has taken this up. Life Skills is the ability to deal with life and challenges and enable a person to become a better human being. Good planning, capacity to adjust to any situation and emotional strength to take quick decisions are some qualities that come naturally to women. And if they are further streamlined, encouraged, and supported, women can become capable of achieving much more. Through WICCI, women can be trained in the three Ss -- self-confidence, self-esteem, and selflessness. WICCI Karnataka Life Skills chapter is a wonderful initiative and the need of the hour for women entrepreneurs”.

The theme for WICCI Karnataka Life Skills Council is ‘Enabling the Resilient Woman in the New Normal’. The Karnataka state council has an affirmative approach to the topic of life skills for women in business which is very evident in the theme. “We believe that the resilient woman already exists, we just need to enable her with the right set of tools, frameworks, models, perspectives and mindsets. It is much like the sculptor who knows the statue is within the block of stone. All it needs is some work to uncover the statue, and that is the approach we would like to adopt”, shared Dr Sangeeta Mansur, State President, WICCI Life Skills Council Karnataka, when talking about the council’s theme.


WICCI is a premier All-India National Women’s Chamber empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders in all walks of life through advocacy, pro-active representations to government, implementing projects for women via funds allocated by various government agencies and corporate. Founded by Dr. Harbeen Arora, a thought leader who strongly supports women empowerment, the WICCI Councils representing various sectors develop different areas of focus to mainstream women’s voices and uphold women’s interest in policy making at multiple levels. 

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