In yet another incident of 'triple talaq' in Bihar, a man divorced his wife because she hadn't brought much dowry from home. Following this, what happened could be a turning point in the history and 'legacy' of triple talaqs. The woman rained sandal blows on her husband after trying to convince him to revoke his decision.

The incident took place in Darbangha district at a police station. As reports suggest, Mohammad Mehfooj, who is a resident of Navtolia village gave talaq to his wife because he was mad at her for not bringing enough dowry from home. The wife reported the matter to the Biraul police station after which the local police inspector tried to pacify the matter. However, the husband remained obstinate and uttered the words yet again. This had pushed the wife to the edge of her patience and she started showering him with sandal blows. The man pleaded for mercy and then fled the scene. 

According to the Sharia law, a man has the right to divorce his wife by uttering the word 'talaq' thrice. Last month too, a man divorced a woman in the same way in Bhagalpur district, prompting the woman to make an emotional appeal to Narendra Modi to end the practice. In a similar manner, like the above-mentioned incident, a woman assaulted her husband in public for giving her talaq because she had objected to his illicit relationship with another woman.