The West Bengal Pollution Control Board distributed over 1,000 GPS-fitted sound monitoring devices among different police stations in the state to track people violating the firecracker ban during Diwali and Kali puja.

The display board of the device shows the spot, date and time of the firecracker bursting along with the decibel level. A thermal printer embedded with the device enables the printout of the details for documentary evidence and prosecution

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The GPS-fitted devices, developed by a state-run IT undertaking, are being used by the police and the WBPCB since Kali Puja last year.

An official said, “We have taught the police to run the devices. The WBPCB team in each zone will coordinate with the local policemen and offer assistance if needed.”

Earlier, the police used sound monitoring gadgets without GPS tracker and tried to nab violators after recording noise pollution in an area. 

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The new devices will also be used to record decibel levels from loudspeakers and sound boxes blaring during the festival and take action if required. 

However, the Calcutta High Court has banned the sale and bursting of firecrackers during Kali Puja and other upcoming festivals.