A shocking incident took place in Bidhannagar area on Tuesday (October 27) evening. A mother and father left their child in a taxi. 

According to police sources, the guardian got into the taxi with their child at the airport. The family was heading towards Alam Bazaar. After reaching the destination, the guardian hurriedly got out of the taxi. They forgot to take their child with them. 

The taxi driver left the passenger at Alam Bazaar. After driving some distance, he heard the sound of the child who was crying in the back seat of the taxi. Seeing the child, the taxi driver informed the Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport Traffic Guard. Eventually, an attempt was made to contact the child's family with the help of Bidhannagar police.

Upon receiving the news, the child's father went to the police station. He showed the necessary documents and took the child back to his home. The people of the city were shocked after getting to know about the incident. The taxi driver has set an example of humanity by returning the child to his parents. People have raised questions as to how the guardian forgot to take their child from the taxi.