Kolkata: Jayshree Rana, a high school student, is continuing her studies by teaching tuition. Her family is not financially sound. Jayshree’s parents often remain sick. Therefore, to earn a living and continue studies, the student started teaching tuition. The girl wanted to study in college but had no money to pay the admission fees. In this situation, Deepak Adhikari (Dev), the Member of Parliament for Ghatal, admitted her to the college.

Jayshree Rana is a resident of Mainadal area of Panskura in East Midnapore. She scored 365 in her Higher Secondary Examination. She filled the admission form of Banamali College in Pashkura. Jayshree wanted to get admitted to college with Bengali Honours. But the biggest obstacle is the financial problem of the family.

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At last, Jayashree contacted Trinamool Chhatra Parishad president Anamika Banerjee. Actor MP Deepak Adhikari got to know about this incident. He helped Jayashree with the college admission fees. He assured Jayashree to help her in her future academic expenses.

The parents thanked Deepak Adhikari for helping their daughter in her education. Jayashree's father said, "Dev helped my daughter to get admitted to college. He is a very kind-hearted person.”

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Jayshree is dreaming of higher education with the help of MP Deepak Adhikari.