Jet Airways proved yet again that the 'influential' people in India will continue to enjoy uncalled for privileges and the common man will suffer simultaneously. In a bizarre turn of events, Jet Airways allegedly asked confirmed passengers to deboard from the flight 9W7083 scheduled from Mumbai to Bhopal to accommodate an 'influential' family. 


A group of 80 people were travelling to Bhopal and out of which 17 people failed to reach on time. As a result the boarding gates were closed and those 17 people were not allowed to enter the aircraft. Immediately, the remaining 63 passengers belonging to the same group started threatening the airlines that they would get off the flight if the other 17 were not allowed. 


Watch the video here:



Reportedly, after a lot of confusion and discussion, Jet Airways executives and crews asked confirmed passengers to get off from the flight so that they can accommodate the 17 who got late for the flight. They even had the audacity to ask people to get off and on top of that offered them some 'concessions.'  The flight was supposed to land at 7:10 am instead it landed at 9:10 am.


In the end, five passengers even got off taking ₹10,000 as a part of their 'concessions.'