On any regular day, you may not have faith in our law enforcement agency. But one Sikh police officer has emerged as a hope for the whole country.

A video showing a Sikh policeman in Uttarakhand's Ramnagar saving a Muslim man from an angry mob, which caught him with his Hindu girlfriend at a temple, has surfaced online. Reacting to the video which showed Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh using his body to shield the man, a user tweeted, "This is doing duty. Instead of letting mob be."


The incident happened in Uttarakhand where a couple, allegedly a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl, had met in a temple in Girija village where they were caught by the people, who began to reportedly beat up the man.

The violent mob was relentless in its demand to hand over the man to them, but the cops on the spot did not back down from protecting him. In the video, you can see the terrified man clinging on to the cop and Singh, did not let him go, despite the growing mob.