Bengaluru: Doctors from Bengaluru's Victoria Hospital let their hair down as a dose of medicine for themselves to keep the coronavirus stress away. The doctors also called it the ‘Happy Dance’. Physically and mentally these doctors are stressed as they need to stay on the hospital campus and undergo a two-week quarantine after the completion of their weekly shift.

Presently there are 130 corona patients in the hospital. The doctors chose to dance to eliminate their stress after the advice of psychiatrists. The Happy Dance helps the doctors attain the desired fitness levels too.

Days ago, a video, which went viral on social media showed doctors from various hospitals in Chennai dancing to relieve their stress. Almost 100 leading doctors from various hospitals in Chennai made a dance video of theirs to relieve the mental stress of serving during the times of coronavirus pandemic.

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In a 9.40-minute video uploaded on YouTube, doctors were seen shaking their leg to convey a pertinent message of “Be the hope. Together we can. Together we will. Because we care”. This was the message that they wanted to deliver to their fraternity and those helping them, such as paramedics and housekeeping staff. The video also conveys the message of social distancing and washing hands while laying stress on being happy.