Kanpur: In a tragic incident, a loyal pet dog in India jumped to its death from the fourth floor after its owner's body reached home from hospital.

The incident was reported from Kanpur's Barra-2 area on Wednesday (July 1).

According to Tejas, son of Dr Anita Raj Singh, the dog 'Jaya' became emotional and had stopped eating after his mother fell sick and was admitted to hospital with severe kidney infection.

“From the last few days, my mother was in a critical condition and died on  Wednesday. The body was brought home for the last rites. On seeing my mother motionless, the dog kept barking, wailing and went on top of the building and jumped. We immediately took her to the veterinary hospital but her bones were crushed and the doctor declared the dog was brought dead,” a news report quoted Tejas as saying.

The very next day of her owner's cremation, the dog was buried close to her home.

It is said the dog that was found in a very bad condition as a puppy 12 years ago. Dr Anita took her home, cleaned its wounds and took care of it.